Clean code is good but no thanks.

Context: Had to do hot fix in that need biometrics in MVVM cross.

Clean Code?

Composition over Inheritance and Liskov substitution principle are things I was doing not knowing theirs names to achieve high code coverage, but more to avoid circular references, dislike of inheritance and rest, all rest is syntax sugar.

You achieve that you put interfaces to constructor and let IoC to its magic:

Man sometime need to get himself dirty

Unfortunately app was crashing in release mode same as here:

Why? iOS Console o output shown that IoC have issues with creating my VM.


Removing IFingerprint from…

creating long living software: development, reuse, cross platform, diversity, vinyl, team scaling, re brand, open source, master and marketing bullshit, AK-47, T-34, mother instinct…


Few things happen, I moved to new house, bought vinyl gramophone in my mom house, cleaned my attic, basement and drawers, boxes, sorted a lot things and junk collected via many years. Some things landed in trash and other ware kept.

Why it happens that some products serve for many years even decades and other lose value and land trash?

I delivered and participated in few projects that now are 10+ years and very modern but when think about vinyl, AK-47, T-34, and many others it don’t look so old and mature.

Additionally I was…

Google services are off on Huawei, how it affect my app?

Context : Google vs Huawei war

“Using big companies api’s will make app more stable and maintainable”

Nothing more false and misleading. Year 2020 shown how big companies are related to big politics. One of good examples is USA bans China, China bans USA and Google and Huawei is great example how big politics affect our customers and products.

New reality new problems to solve, cross platform LEVEL UP.

Decision ware made to support Huawei Store

Many doubts come:

  • will my app crash and what will fail?
  • what google services do we use?
  • how is the publishing process

Publishing: How to login to Huawei developer console?

ID scan + bank card scan= WTF

Registration for personal…

Migrating Web Project to Xamarin: Using LESS and CSS and Pseudo HTML Tags


Working on design for organizations that are many years or century on market where design is process and “simple” change has mass effect on milion of users, retailers, subbranches, copy papers, business cards and discussions with design team and product owners.

In other words: Design is delivered as it is and have to be done.

Goal of this article is show how easy is to start delving enterprise design needs.

To show this process I found perfect style guide similar to what I already work but PUBLIC:

Docker in 3 steps

Context: .NET everywhere is coming, but how to have it on .NET on Linux hosting now? I didn’t realize that it is so easy to get started.

Basic knowledge:

Step 1: Install & Restart PC

Step 2: Add Support, YES it is so easy

Create a New .NET Core project with docker suport

Nothing. All good there. Sparkling? Maybe.


After spending some time learning Amazing and Sparkling Flutter, got back with some rethinking loved and Amazing and Powerful Xamarin.Forms.

Will declarative UI make me faster and more productive?

NO, it is just another notation. Main boost in making UI for Flutter was Hot Restart and Hot Reload which are now supported in Xamarin.FORMS.

Is MVVM bad?

NO, it’s a well know, proven and valued pattern.

Sparkling UI

Flutter deliver nicely wrapped controls as:

Equivalents from Xamarin community:



That enables new technology incomers to deliver really nice and sparking UI almost out of box.

Open question here, how much customization is needs to…

my subjective view, .NET from developer perspective

Flutter is amazing technology and have all required things that app you build will be successful, it strongest part is making UI, but there are areas that there is place for improvement. In compare to it’s much older friend .NET, I will try to list out some:

Trend: New Rocking Kid

Loads of ideas, a lot of widgets, driven from community no winner idea yet.

MVU, MVVM, MVC… work in progress.

Variety of choices can be a problem and it’s better to do one thing very good than try to cover all?

How popular open source projects…

Making UI, basic differences

Wrapping elements

Flutter have CustomSingleChildLayout, CustomMultiChildLayout what enables add single or many child in container.

Xamarin.Forms Single child elements:

  • ContentPage.Content
  • Scroll View

Xamarin.Forms multi child elements:

Please note that containers can set alignments of children, background color, margin and paddings , in other words there is no need to wrap them on extra container , you can mix each other.

  • Stack layout
  • Grid Layout — very powerful container you can easy do rows and columns, negative margins and z-index like tricks, please notice that is layout control it is not made for displaying data is NOT Data Grid like control.
  • Collection view — very fast, large…

Bogusław Błoński

Did small internal corporate and big projects with over 1 000 000 active users in ASP.NET and XAMARIN.FORMS and XAMARIN.NATIVE. Blogging for better sleep.

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