Dirty deeds done dirt cheap!

Clean code is good but no thanks.

Context: Had to do hot fix in xamarin.app that need biometrics in MVVM cross.

Clean Code?

Composition over Inheritance and Liskov substitution principle are things I was doing not knowing theirs names to achieve high code coverage, but more to avoid circular references, dislike of inheritance and rest, all rest is syntax sugar.

You achieve that you put interfaces to constructor and let IoC to its magic:

Man sometime need to get himself dirty

Unfortunately app was crashing in release mode same as here:

Why? iOS Console o output shown that IoC have issues with creating my VM.


Removing IFingerprint from constructor parameters and creating IFingerprint instance inside constructor:


“…Here ideals have fallen, there won’t be revolution…”

Cheap and fast “solution” for problem that need to be fixed in 5min while customer was waiting.

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