Introduction to .NET MAUI

What is .NET MAUI?

.NET MAUI stand for Multi-platform App User Interface and is framework that enables creating beautiful UI for many platforms with one code base.

History of Multi-platform App UI

In May 2020 on Build event during speech “The Journey to One.NET” Microsoft Director Program Manager Scott Hunter and Director Community Scott Hanselman announced “.NET MAUI the evolution of Xamarin” and introduced it whole .NET community. The idea and commitment to deliver .NET MAUI came in February 2020 from Program Managers David Ortinau and James Montemagno.


Technology created to develop mobile application using native apis, native UI and native tools as Android Studio and xCode in C#/.NET/MONO.

Xamarin.Forms (XF)

XF is proxy abstraction over native UI apis enabling more .NET friendly making UI without need of using xCode or Android Studio.

Rebrand and beyond

.NET MAUI fits in Microsoft branding and naming as MS SQL, ASP.MVC…

Xamarin.Forms vs .NET MAUI

Xamarin.Forms vs .NET MAUI · dotnet/maui Wiki · GitHub


Visual Studio 2022 Visual Studio Preview (


Status · dotnet/maui Wiki · GitHub


The Journey to One .NET | Microsoft Build 2020 | Channel 9 (


Maddy Leger, Author at Xamarin Blog (



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