my subjective view, .NET from developer perspective

Flutter is amazing technology and have all required things that app you build will be successful, it strongest part is making UI, but there are areas that there is place for improvement. In compare to it’s much older friend .NET, I will try to list out some:

Trend: New Rocking Kid

Loads of ideas, a lot of widgets, driven from community no winner idea yet.

MVU, MVVM, MVC… work in progress.

Variety of choices can be a problem and it’s better to do one thing very good than try to cover all?

How popular open source projects will be maintained in future?

Will they die without help of google?

On other hand scope of interest looks not as big as:

as there are many creative waves and many idea branches and like and dislike subgroup formed, good sample is variety of supported chooses of mvvm in .NET or coding UI styles.

Where flutter is going?

Focus on data or focus on UI? Will Flutter become new Flash?

In past for enterprise apps as much focus on UI was not required in other words business did ordered as much sparkling apps, maybe time and requirements have changed.

Sample from 2008:


//todo Flutter doctor




“Additional community resources

Our wonderful community has provided these resources.

Dart Academy — Tutorials and articles written by the Dart community”

Is Dart Academy dead?

Compare it with Learning platform

Code samples

Is one big program, having each widget as separate code sample would much easier to start.

Each single element covered by Microsoft

and many more by from MVPs and not only by community.

Native support:

It is not problem that platform is using many languages, but supporting multiple languages for single developer is challenging.

Not clear what is best approach here.

Suport and standard

Happy creativity vs later support, need of standard the bad MVVM is BACK.

It is easy to do big Views in Dart wrap, wrap, wrap,… but Nesting is bad.

Dart notation enables nesting but after few days after I wrote code it need quite a moment to understand what I did. Solution for nesting i refactoring and making widgets(ctr+x , class.. ctrl + v).

I did XAML happy creation in “make it work” version that was more 2000 lines, than refactored I’m not sure that I could imagine such complex in Dart.

At the moment Xaml looks for me more elegant and easer to support for others than author of code.

Good MVVM is Back? Why?

Technology Inclusion

There are many coding preferences some coding styles works for developers for other notation looks alien, for example not many developers would like to write code in objective-c. Xamarin enables making UI in many ways Comet, XAML/Form, Native, Blazor and Skia, F# and Fabulous. Variety of choices of mvvms light, prism, cross, ReactiveUI where each have millions of downloads

For sure Flutter would be more popular if XAML was supported from Google

In fact it would be nice if Dart UI was supported in Xamarin.

Blutter = Blazor +Flutter

Bypassing tools limitations and alien things

Not comfortable thing as intellisense limitations where you need to know what you are using and alien things Inherited widget, providers that make extra wrapping around widgets what makes code more unclear can be bypassed by:

Did small internal corporate and big projects with over 1 000 000 active users in ASP.NET and XAMARIN.FORMS and XAMARIN.NATIVE. Blogging for better sleep.